High-value home insurance can be difficult to arrange. You need to be sure that your high net worth home and its valuables are fully protected and covered. A regular home insurance policy may not provide you with sufficient cover for antiques or expensive jewellery, which is why you should consider an executive home insurance policy.

We provide quotes from leading insurers such as Aviva, Home & Legacy, Prestige, RSA and Zurich. When you purchase an executive home insurance policy with us, your tailored cover can include:

  • Cover for full replacement cost of property using period materials
  • Accidental damage cover included as standard for buildings and worldwide for contents
  • Alternative accommodation cover in the event of your home becoming uninhabitable from an insured loss
  • Cover for guests’ possessions up to £10,000
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year home emergency cover provided as standard
  • Unlimited trace and access cover
  • Loss of value following damage to fine art and antiques
  • Identity fraud up to £50,000
  • All policies are warranty free
  • Specialist cover for listed building home insurance

To request an executive home insurance quotation, please complete and submit the form below as fully and accurately as possible. If you have any queries about the questions asked, please email us.

Executive home insurance quotation form

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Risk Details

Listing grade
Is the property used for any business
purposes other than clerical?
Does the property have a history of
subsidence heave or landslip?
Does the property have a history of flooding or is it
located within 400m of a watercourse or the sea?
Is the property due to, or undergoing renovations?
Does the property have minimum physical security,
e.g. five lever mortice deadlocks and key
operated window locks?

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Have you, whether insured or not, incurred any
losses or damage during the last five years?
Have you ever had any additional terms imposed or
have insurers ever declined to renew your policy
or cancelled your insurance for any reason?
Is the property protected by an intruder alarm
maintained by a Nacoss/NSI/SSAIB recognised firm?
Is the property protected by a fire alarm?
Do you have a safe?

Buildings Cover

Voluntary excess

(£100 policy excess automatically applies to buildings cover)

A. Contents Cover

Voluntary excess

(£100 policy excess automatically applies to buildings cover)

B. Valuables Cover

(Specify valuables over £2,500)

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Jewellery in the bank £
Guns £
Furs £
Collections £
Other amount £
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