GAP cover will top up the shortfall between the value of your vehicle today and the future value if written off by your insurer. Up to 500,000 vehicles are declared a write-off each year, and your vehicle is depreciating with each passing day. Furthermore, a vehicle is stolen every 120 seconds in the UK, and motor insurers will pay only the depreciated value at the time of the claim.

With GAP cover, which is available for two or three years, you do not have to borrow additional amounts to replace vehicles with a similar model, and your positive credit rating can be maintained. The policy covers write-offs from

fire, theft and accident (fault or non-fault), and is available for cars, motorcycles (500cc or over) and light commercial vehicles up to 3500kg. Cover is available on vehicles up to five years old and with up to 80,000 miles at the date of policy purchase.

The maximum GAP payout is an impressive £20,000, and cover is available on vehicles up to £70,000 in value at date of policy purchase.

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