There are three main types of motorcycle cover available:

  • Comprehensive – this offers the widest cover, including repairs to your own vehicle, windscreen cover, personal effects, recovery of your vehicle after an accident, personal accident cover. Vehicle breakdown cover is also available with some policies.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – this covers your liability to third parties and offers cover if your vehicle is stolen or catches fire. There is no cover to your vehicle if it is involved in an accident.
  • Third party only – this covers your liability to third parties only. There is no cover for your vehicle.

To request a motorcycle insurance quotation, please complete and submit the form below as fully and accurately as possible. If you have any queries about the questions asked, please email us.

Motorcycle insurance quotation form

Proposer Details

Period of insurance (dd/mm/yy)
Type of UK Licence held:
Period held:
Have you or any other person who may drive this
vehicle, in the last five years, been declined or refused
insurance or offered cover requiring either endorsement
of special terms on the policy or an increased premium?
Have you or any other person who may drive this
vehicle had any criminal convictions (or been charged
with a criminal offence but not yet tried)?
Has any company or underwriter at any time in respect
of motor insurance declined to insure you, cancelled
your policy or refused to renew or required
increased premium or special terms?
Have there been any accidents, thefts or losses
(whether covered by insurance or not and
regardless of blame) during the past 5 years in
connection with any vehicle owned or driven by you?
Are the motorcycles kept at the above address?

Motorcycle Details

We can only insure motorcycles that are, or will be, registered for road use

Do you own a car?

Details of first bike to be insured

Details of second bike to be insured

Details of third bike to be insured

Details of fourth bike to be insured

Are all motorcycles on which insurance is required
owned by you and registered in your name?

Insurance Cover and Use (Cover will not be operative until a cover note has been issued)

The Standard Policy provides use for social, domestic and pleasure. Please indicate any further use required:

Please note that no cover is available for food delivery

Garaging and Security

Is the motorcycle fitted with an immobiliser?
Is the motorcycle fitted with a tagging device?

All Motorcycles: This insurance will not provide cover for theft unless a secondary security device is fitted to the motorcycle when not in use in addition to the ignition and steering lock. Acceptable devices include alarms, immobilisers, D Locks, brake disc locks, padlock and chain, cable locks etc. If you are claiming a discount for the fitting of an immobiliser or tagging device, we reserve the right to request proof of fitting in the event of a theft claim. Please ensure that you are able to provide evidence of fitting.
If your Motorcycle is valued at over £3000. This insurance will not provide cover for theft or malicious damage occurring at your home (or normal address where the motorcycle is kept) between the hours of 10pm – 6am unless the motorcycle is kept in a securely locked building.

Previous Insurance

Have you held a previous motorcycle
insurance in your own name?

If Yes please state