We now have a young driver policy for drivers aged 17 and above who hold a provisional licence or those who have just passed their driving test. Underwritten by Aviva Insurance, the policy uses the latest telematics technology to offer competitive premiums for young drivers. The benefits of the policy include:

  • No curfews
  • Specialists in young and new drivers insurance
  • GPS tracker to locate your car if it is stolen
  • Smart box fitted by a trained engineer
  • Online dashboard available 24/7 to monitor your driving
  • A call to you following an accident to check if you need any help
  • A premium based on your age and annual mileage

The policy has a simple mission: to help you become a safer driver and pay less for your car insurance. The insurers provide you with an online dashboard to monitor your driving, which is available 24/7. You can see what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. This dashboard can also be used to access your policy documents and papers.

A smart box will be fitted to your car to measure a number of factors such as acceleration, speed and braking, the time you drive and the types of roads you use. If you’re a safe driver you could earn a discount at renewal.

There are no hidden fees for fitting your smart box. The fitting is carried out by a trained smart box engineer and is normally completed within seven days of your policy starting. You can even arrange the fitting time and location for added convenience.

If you have an accident, the insurers won’t automatically assume you are at fault. They can use data from your smart box, such as the time and location of the accident, force of impact, speed of the vehicle and direction of travel to piece together the events leading up to an accident, meaning you won’t automatically be blamed if you’re a new or inexperienced driver. They will call you to check if you need any assistance following an accident and they can even use the GPS tracker to locate your car if it is stolen.

Our comprehensive Young Driver Insurance cover includes:

  • Windscreen cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Audio/stereo equipment cover
  • Access to an approved repairer network

If you require any further details, please telephone or email us.